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Name Gender Date Born Location Found Age on Arrival Comments Reason for being Orphaned
 KUISHI  Female  Thursday, February 4, 2016 On the plains near Aruba  10 months  Found standing near her collapsed mother on the plains of Arruba  Drought Related 

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11/27/2017 - It has not been usual these days for the elephants to have a mud bath in the morning and especially before public visiting time, but today proved to be different. After the 9am milk feed and as the orphans were moving out deeper into the forest, Esampu came across some warthogs and charged over to them where they had been laying in a small pool. After the warthogs moved away Esampu got into the small pool and started wallowing, which then attracted the attention of Enkesha and Kusihi. The two girls joined her and stayed rolling around in the mud for some time. Esampu and Kuishi then decided to go and browse, leaving Enkesha enjoying the mud right up until it was visiting time! Ndiwa managed to sneak away from the second group, which is her speciality, and join the first group down at the visiting area, thus she had her milk bottles slightly earlier than usual.

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 Kuishi enjoying the mudbath Kuishi dustbathing
Kuishi enjoying the mudbath
photo taken on 3/16/2017
Kuishi dustbathing
photo taken on 3/16/2017


On the 28th November, just as expectant clouds promised more hoped-for rain to relieve the drought that had gripped Tsavo National Park, the pilot from the Tsavo Trust sighted a tiny elephant calf standing beside her collapsed mother on the plains near Aruba.

Although some rain had fallen recently, it had come too late for the mother, who had obviously been struggling for a long time evidenced by the bare earth that surrounded while her desperate baby helplessly stood by her side. This sighting was immediately reported to the DSWT/KWS funded Mobile Veterinary Unit headed by Dr. Poghon, and together with Keepers from our Voi stockades, the rescue teams proceeded to the scene, having been given coordinates by the Tsavo Trust Pilot.

The rescue team  The calf and its collapsed mother

The calf by its collapsed mother

Upon arrival it seemed likely that the calf’s mother had succumbed to the effects of the past brutal dry season and was dying of starvation for she was barely breathing and too far gone to get to her feet and retrieve, her emaciated calf, of approximately l0 months old, bravely standing by her side protecting her. The calf was still feisty, although thin, for she too had clearly suffered the effects of the drought, having been deprived of her mother’s milk. The Rescue Team worked hard to try and save the collapsed mother, but sadly she slipped away, so their attention then turned to capturing the young calf. This was accomplished swiftly after which she was restrained and placed in the back of a Landcruiser and brought safely back to the Voi stockades to await the arrival of a rescue aircraft from Nairobi to ferry the baby to the DSWT Nairobi Nursery.

Getting ready to assist the mother to her feet  Trying to get the mother to her feet

Capturing the calf  The calf is captured

On the flight back  The calf arrives at the Nairobi Nursery

Named “Kuishi”(meaning “to live” in Swahili) , the baby arrived during our Foster Parents’ visiting time at 5.00pm, very thin but still with sufficient strength to put up a fight and with a strong will to live. Having been comforted by other resident elephant orphans, she settled fast and it was only two short days before she was able to join the other orphans out in the forest. She embraced her new life, relishing the abundance of food that was provided for her, since clearly during her young life this had been in short supply as she lived through a drought year, with unforgiving heat and little nourishment, as her mother struggled to stay alive.

The calf is placed in a stockade  The calf is called Kuishi

Kuishi sucking a keepers fingers  Godoma,Kuishi, Mbegu

Mbegu greets Kuishi  Kuishi surrounded by the other orphans

Kuishi is an extremely lucky calf to have been rescued in time since Tsavo encompasses a vast landscape. She is shy yet playful, but has made good friends with feisty Esampu who no doubt will be teaching her naughty ways in the fullness of time!

Kuishi out in the forest with the other orphans  Kuishi in the bush with the others

Kuishi, Esampu, Jotto  Kuishi enjoying the mudbath

Kuishi dustbathing


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