Keepers' Diaries, August 1999

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Voi Reintegration Unit



The Stockades have been modified so that Emily can be accommodated in one section with little Mweiga, separated from the young bulls who like jumping on the newcomer, and are still jealous of her. Also so that Emily cannot be punished by a jealous Malaika who would like the baby to herself.

Malaika does not like Imenti much, so he occupies the next door compartment where he can be close to Emily and cannot be persecuted by Malaika who has been giving him rather a hard time of late. The original plan was to leave Malaika outside the Stockade enclosure, but keep Lewa and Uaso in, because they are still vulnerable to lion attack.

However, this did not work because Lewa and Uaso would not stay in without Malaika and broke the weld mesh, crawling under it and risking injury! Therefore until such time as the Stockades can be expanded, we had to resort to the above plan).

August 1999 day to day

01 Aug

On the lst only Edo joined Malaika feeding below Daniel's house.