January's DSWT Aerial Surveillance Unit Report

Published on the 5th of February, 2016

January 2016 was a busy month for the Aerial Unit

January 2016 was a busy month for the Aerial Unit. In total the pilots flew 114 hours covering 15,595 kms.   As the rains continued through until the end of the month the area remained green with widespread waterholes still brimming.

Crop raiding elephants were the main challenge during January for the team.   Both the Super cubs and the helicopter have been hard at work assisting the KWS teams on the ground moving elephants out of the community lands and back into the park.  

Other activities above and above ongoing aerial patrols and security surveillance, have included numerous injured elephant treatments in partnership with the DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units.  The DSWT pilots have also been in close cooperation with the KWS in assisting with aerial support for poaching activities including a number of reports of gunshots during the month as well as the discovery of an elephant carcass.

Other significant activities included intervention for two injured lions as well as ongoing surveillance of livestock incursion.  Sightings during the month included many vultures seen in various locations along with other types of migrating eagles such as Steppe and Imperial eagles.  A family of hirola with a baby were also seen, which is one of the rarest animals in Tsavo to catch a glimpse of.

You can read the full report from our Aerial Surveillance Unit here: