Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 April 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 April 2003


James Mbuthia - Team Leader David Njoroge - Assistant Team Leader John Malonza - Tracker Julius Mwania - Car Security Wilson Nangua - Kws Ranger Joel Anyim - Kws Ranger Masaku Banga -Incamp

Area Covered

Mtito River stretch, waterholes within the triangle, Kyulu station (Telkom), Mangelete, pipeline cut line and Matangini areas.


A total of 246 snares were lifted majority of which 99% targeted the Dikdiks while the rest were made for the medium sized game. Along the river stretch notably few snares were found compared to previous patrols. Poachers were intercepted going into the park or snares lifted a few moments after they had been set, probably the reason of getting into the park early and leaving he bush later. Prints of honey hunters were indent, but still most slippery poachers, get deep inside the park.

Kyulu Telkom station has become a notorious snaring hotspot, 71 snares were lifted in one day. At the same spot over 60 snares were lifted last month. We have alerted KWS about this. At the waterholes less snaring was observed as most of them are dry and animal are now concentrating on the river.

It must be pointed out that there remains many waterholes located deep inside the park that have not been discovered yet and cab probably snaring still going on. As burnt out tyres are sources of the snares we plan to clean the tarmac off disposed tyres from voi to Mtito as soon as we get a truck to do it.


Following the closure of the schools for the Easter holidays we embarked on mobilizing young people to be occupied with sports. In such events conservation issues were addressed, the following sport events were organized. Kyusiani Pitch; Soccer (Kyusiani FC vs Mamba FC-6-4-03 Ngiluni Pitch; Volleyball (Ngiluni VC vs Kyusiani VC-13-4-03 Kyusiani Pitch; Soccer (Likoni FC vs Kyusiani Fc-20-4-03 Ngiluni Pitch; Volley Ball (Kyusiani VC vs Maridini VC and Likoni VC vs Siandani VC-27-4-03

Almost all sports days are attended in large numbers attracting all kinds of people for both education and entertainment. The sports, reduces temptation of idle people getting into the park. More sports groups will be necessary among the park neighbors.

Tree Planting project

Seeds have been sown at the trust nursery. The nursery is the biggest so far compared to the previous years and with high species diversity. Neem Melis and Cassla are the species that have been sawn, with vies of sharing the seedlings with Ithumba (Kitui) community and burra. Communities. Later in the year. We want to take the advantage of the water and make a bigger nursery.