Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 July 2003

Chui Team Mtito Update: 01 July 2003


James Mbuthia- Team leader David Njoroge – Assistant Team Leader John Malonza - Tracker Julius Mwania – Security Masaku Mbanga – In camp Nicholas Shiveka– KWS Wilson Nangua– KWS


A total of 243 snares were lifted. A gang of 4 poachers was confronted and two were arrested on the spot while the rest escaped. 50% of the snares targeted medium sized game, 20% small and 25% the large game. A dead buffalo probably arrowed in the nearby farm was found dead inside the park near the pipeline cut-line (human wildlife conflict)

Burning charcoal within the park is a serious problem now near Margelete, this is where Mtito River originates. Regular patrols along the river stretch are important coupled with high community input. It seems that the Acacia xanthophyllous (fever tree) are the trees which are being cut the most.

Following dry spell, cattle grazing in the park is also evident which brings more competition for the animals to find food. Following the recent fire outbreak in the Chyulus we expect snaring to be concentrated on this area as animals will move there (high palatability and nutritive value) due to fresh grass. We plan to have another operation soon

Report by James Mbuthia.