De-Snaring Report for July 2018

Published on the 31st of July, 2018

As dictates the time of year, we saw an increase in poaching and illegal activities during July, although not to the scale of previous years.

One noticeable rise in activities was that of poaching for animal parts, as during the month the teams arrested offenders with a large python skin and two cases of pangolin poaching where over 400 pangolin scales were confiscated and 2 poachers were arrested.

Pangolin scales are believed to be a cure for a variety of ailments including cancer, as well as skin and liver diseases. There is no scientific proof of this. All of the DSWT/KWS De-Snaring teams are constantly on the lookout for activities within this illegal trade and every effort is made to correctly prosecute and sentence offenders.

The illegal trade in wildlife is one of several threats facing wildlife

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Captures of offenders made by the teams included 3 ivory poachers, 2 of which escaped, 7 bushmeat poachers, 7 charcoal burners and 3 loggers; other offenders arrested included woodcarving, trespassing, fishing and livestock grazing.

Other key activities during the month included the elephant conflict mitigation.The prevention of marijuana plantations in the Chyulu Hills is still ongoing with efforts being made to locate, uproot and burn the illegal plant, whilst efforts continue on logging and charcoal burning activities.