De-Snaring Report for May 2016

This month the DSWT was excited to launch a new Anti-Poaching Unit

This month the DSWT was excited to launch a new Anti-Poaching Unit.  The ‘Yatta’ Unit is the ninth unit to be funded and managed by the Trust and follows a similar model to the other units with an 8-man ranger team equipped with a 4x4 vehicle and a full mobile camping unit with camera, binoculars, GPS and radios.  All team members are KWS Manyani graduated, whilst there is also a dedicated driver and team cook.  Such like the other teams, two armed KWS rangers accompany the units on all patrols.

A huge number of snares were collected and confiscated from poachers in the TCA during May.  Out of 741 snares recorded in total, 127 were found by the Ithumba team who also confiscated 190 snares from poachers they captured who were yet to set them in the bush.

There were a number of successes in apprehending poachers during the month including 8 bush-meat poachers and 2 ivory poachers.  All poachers were caught in the act with snares, poisoned arrows and the tools they use to trap, kill and skin wild animals in the Parks.  Other arrests included logging and charcoal offenders as well as livestock herders illegally grazing their cattle in the Parks.

The Mtito Unit was on annual leave during May and was covered by the new Yatta Unit.  The Burra and Chyulu team also took leave days working part of the month.