De-Snaring Report for September 2018

Published on the 30th of September, 2018

The month saw the teams undertaking a number of human-elephant mitigation activities, tackling bush fires and the removal of over 400 snares.

21 arrests were made during September along with over 400 snares collected from the bush or confiscated from arrested poachers. In total 8 bushmeat poachers were arrested along with a known rhino poacher who was ambushed in the Chyulu Hills National Park. Alongside these successful arrests were 6 arrests for livestock grazing, 2 for charcoal burning, 2 for marijuana cultivation as well as 1 arrest of a honey harvester and a trespasser.

A number of bushfires required the rapid response of firefighting teams during the month with the support from the KWS/DSWT’s de-snaring teams. Now equipped with the necessary equipment these ground teams are able to put out fires which are yet to get out of control, whilst should some fires prove unstoppable from the ground the DSWT’s Eurocopter and bambi bucket is on standby to airlift water drops to the scene.

Human-elephant conflict was also a priority for the teams, especially for the Chyulu and Mobile South teams, which were able to redirect 19 elephants on several occasions out of community areas and back into the safety of the Parks before any potential conflict arose.