DSWT/KWS De-Snaring Units Report October 2018

Published on the 27th of November, 2018

October saw a high number of arrests by the teams patrolling within the Tsavo Conservation Area and Meru National Park in northern Kenya. Overall 30 arrests were made including 8 bushmeat/ivory poachers; 3 other poachers sadly escaped but the teams have been hot on their heels.

The teams also managed to destroy numerous camps, platforms and blinds and confiscate 15kgs of bushmeat and over 50 weapons including 12 arrows, some of which were poisoned, and 2 bows, the teams also uncovered a camp with ammunition.

During daily patrols the DSWT and KWS rangers also lifted over 400 snares placed by bushmeat poachers along wildlife tracks and near watering holes. Due to the quantity of snares placed by these poachers, several victims had already been claimed before the rangers could locate the snares, although a buffalo and zebra were successfully rescued from snares and treated for their wounds just in time. The teams also worked with the Tsavo based Mobile Veterinary Unit on 2 other occasions treating injured elephants needing veterinary intervention.

3 elephant carcasses were discovered from the ground and air during the month with support from the DSWT Aerial Unit. 2 of the carcasses had their ivory intact which were removed by the teams and handed over to KWS for safekeeping, whilst 1 carcass already had its tusks removed by poachers.