Duma Team Chyulu Update: 01 June 2006

Duma Team Chyulu Update: 01 June 2006


James Mbuthia – team leader Julius Kyalo Nasarwa Esmegere David Wambua 4 KWS rangers

Area of operation:

During the month of June the Chyulu team patrolled the following areas: Mukurulo, Tindima, Thali, Kaunguni, Kenzili, Mathaioni, Muundi, Umani, Wikiamba, Bisu mbui, Kwa katakiu, and Meli areas.



During the course of the month of June the Chulu team concentrated on patrolling the parks boundary from Mankindu to Kibwezi.

There is an ever increasing amount of people entering the park which means we have to continue applying pressure by arresting anyone involved in illegal activities often working day and night in time with the poachers.

A total of 17 people were arrested this month. Those arrested included 4 bushmeat poachers, 5 charcoal burners

and 8 Miraa harvesters.
The vices were all intertwined as those arrested were poachers as well as wood carvers.
We found that the levels of poaching in the Kenzili area and its surroundings are very high making it a poaching hotspot. The team was able to flush out a gang of woodcarvers in the Muuindi area and was able to arrest 2 people. At a poachers hideout we found the remains of a slaughtered reedbuck the meat of which the poachers eat.
As the drought continues we expect an increase in the levels of poaching which should also increase the number of arrests that the team makes.

There is an increase in the competition for grass as the drought persists. The team therefore has to continue to keep the surrounding communities to enter the park and keep the wildlife safe.

Charcoal burning and Miraa harvesting is a continuous vice in the Chulus.
The Chyulu de-snaring team was able to lift 57 snares during the course of the month.

Report by James Mbuthia