Faru Team Burra Update: 01 October 2002

Faru Team Burra Update: 01 October 2002

Area of Operation

The de-snaring activity was carried out in 4 main areas Irima, Ndii, Kishushe and the Voi forest.


Isaac Maina – Team leader Jacob Dadi – Tracker Feisal Muteiti – Vehicle guard Naphan Nganyi – Informer Duncan Ouko – KWS ranger Awasdhi Hamisi – KWS ranger


We recovered 681 snares and found a poachers den and also managed to rescue a Dikdik caught in a snare. Due to frequent patrols and maximum surveillance the poachers moved to the periphery, snares were found to be set between the electric fence and the railway line. Since only small animals can get through the fence, it seems that these snares were targeting only smaller mammals. Out of the 224 snares recovered at Irima 185 originated from this area while 39 snares were recovered on the inner side targeting larger animals. In Ndii, between the main road and the pipeline 153 snares were recovered and a dikdik was found snared. The main target here was dikdik and the majority of the snares already had hair on them indicating previous catches. Kishushue yielded 167 snares, the majority of them were for smaller animals. We found an area used by poachers to slaughter their meat at night as well as we managed to rescue another dikdik. Unfortunately in Voi forest the poachers have adopted a different way of hunting. They are using dogs to chase their quarry into areas where snares are set. We managed to recover 133 snares in total.

Community Project

The second trip to Miasenyi primary school took place on the 12th of October 2002. Students and teachers who did not secure a chance during the first trip had their chance to visit the park, we were lucky enough to see two lions which was a first time ever for some people.

Report by Isaac Maina