Anti-Poaching Report: May 2024

Published on the 8th of July, 2024

May marked the establishment of a new SWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Team. In total, the teams covered 13,094 kilometres on patrol over the course of the month, making 47 arrests and collecting 403 snares. They also supported three veterinary interventions.

In May, a new team, 'Tsavo Mobile' joined the ranks. They will operate across the Tsavo region where needed the most.

Over the course of May, teams lifted a total of 403 snares and made 47 arrests, including 3 poachers, 2 offenders in possession of bushmeat, 22 livestock herders, 6 loggers, 2 miraa harvesters, 9 charcoal burners, 2 illegal mining, and 1 firewood collector. They also confiscated firewood, logged posts and timber, 26 charcoal sacks, 7 sacks of harvested miraa and a consignment of fish.

During the month, the teams destroyed 11 livestock bomas, 23 active charcoal kilns and 3 charcoal camps, and 15 poachers hides/camps. 1.5 kilograms of ivory was also found and handed over to KWS for safekeeping. The teams also supported the SWT/KWS Vet Units, responding to three veterinary treatments involving injured elephants.

In May, the Mobile North and Dakadima teams were on annual leave whilst the Yatta, Chyulu Mobile, Sobo, Meru, Shompole, Kulalu II, Chyulu. and Umbi teams worked part of the month. The rest of the teams operated full-time.

SWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Teams

For nearly a quarter of a century, SWT rangers have been frontline defenders of Kenya’s ecosystems. Working in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, they face the most pressing threats to conservation. In addition, they serve as a vital link in our wider field work, supporting not only anti-poaching operations, but also veterinary treatments, orphan rescues, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, and all manner of field emergencies.
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