Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 September 2002

Ndovu Team Ithumba Update: 01 September 2002

Area of Operation

During this month, we patrolled the area near Ithumba (H.Q.), Part of Umbi area, Kasaala Kimweli boundary and along the Tiva River.

Participants Wambua Kikwatha Team Leader Francis Itumo Assistant Munywoki Kisangi Tracker Odero Samuel Vehicle guard Martin Wambua Cook


The September operation was a revisit of the abovementioned areas. Operations ran concurrently with road clearing along the Tiva River from Mukoka camp. Most of the tracks patrolled yielded very few snares and others nil snares. This could be attributed to the previous operations along the same area. Poachers from this end tend to refrain from entering the Park after a serious operation. This goes for a few weeks or a month before they return in full swing when operations are down. Pressure must be maintained constantly for any meaningful success to be achieved.

During this month, we lifted 415 snares targeting small animals while 65 snares targeted medium sized animals. At Umbi, logging was found to be rampant, with the numbers of hardwoods declining drastically. Many trees, particularly Melia Volkensae have been cut down. It was discovered that logging goes hand in hand with snaring. Tracks leading to these trees are snared. We lifted 177 snares in two days at Umbi and recovered six pieces of timber.


During this month, we managed to clear the Mukoka Tundani road which has been impassable for many years. This road is crucial to access part of the Tiva and the Yatta. Road works continued through Tundani joining the Ithumba road.

Report by Wambua Kikwatha