Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 November 2004

Nyati Team Tiva Update: 01 November 2004

Gazi and IthumbaTeam

De-snaring report November 2004


Paul Kasao Samuel Lolchuraki Julius Mumo Abdi Adan Kisangi Mwonyuki Mwuuoni Ikuthu Feisal Muteti 2 KWS rangers

Area of operation

Umauma, Power line, Mathae, Kalavoto, Yundani, Kyamanyenze, Kimweli and general area along the park boundary.


During this month, a joint operation was launched on various areas. Umauma and the power line yielded the highest number of snares with a total of 489 altogether, all of which were targeting smaller mammals. We also discovered and destroyed two slaughtering dens and two hideouts. We laid an ambush on one of the hideouts and arrested a poacher with 6 Dikdiks and 92 snares. He also had in his possession a gin trap (a chain that is designed to catch larger animals such as lions and leopards.)

Mathae and Kalovoto were characterised by fresh human foot prints going in and out of the park and we collected 256 snares, it is obvious that poachers are now visiting their snares on a daily basis. Another well known poacher was arrested with two DikDiks and 65 snares in his possession all for smaller animals. The two arrested poachers turned out to be brothers and have been known to poach in the park for many years. Tundani and Kyamanyenze were normally hot spots for poaching activities during the dry season because animals concentrated along the Tiva River due to availability of water and grass. On our patrol we bumped into a poacher who managed to escape and left behind his sandals and seven Dikdiks. We followed his tracks and in the process lifted 145 snares, three Dikdiks, a bush buck and a lesser Kudu, all found dead.
A total of 976 snares were lifted, 23 designed for larger animals. Two arrests were made, 16 Dikdiks found dead as well as a lesser Kudu and a bush buck. The results of this month are due to the delay in the rains, now that it has started to rain in the area we expect to see a decrease in poaching next month.

Report by Kasau Lerat.