Peregrine Team Update: 01 June 2003

Peregrine Team Update: 01 June 2003


Peter Wambua Isak Kalamba

Area Covered

Our operation this month was mostly done in the adjacent farms owned by non- indigenous landowners


Early this month we managed to arrest two poachers whom we found at Sassoon’s farm and 36 snares were recovered. Most of them targeted smaller animals. Once capturing them they were then taken to the KWS ranger’s stations and dealt with by the KWS.

We also did a patrol of Simon Trevors farm where we managed to capture 3 poachers and recover 38 snares. We also confiscated 2 pangas and a dead Dik Dik, these poachers were then taken to the Mtito Andei police station.

Later in the month we did patrols at the same farm and the neighboring one where we managed to collect 47 more snares and unfortunately were too late to save three Dik Dik which we found tied up in snares.

We paid a visit to the communities to monitor the movements of the wild animals that have moved in and out of the park and around the communities. For some reason there seems to be an increase of game in the surrounding areas of the community and will be a problem in the future. We organized several sports events at Kamunyu primary school and Ngiluni. The youth had a wonderful weekend and we finished by having a discussion on conversation. They will be keen to report any new faces coming in and out of the community.

The trees in the nursery are doing very well indeed and we have now transplanted them into the plastic bags.

Report by Peter Wambua