Peregrine Team Update: 01 November 2002

Peregrine Team Update: 01 November 2002


Peter Wambua Team Leader Isack Kalamba


Due to ever grown vegetation animals are tempted to cross to the community side through the Mtito River and walk as far as ngiluni Kyusyani, Kamunyu, and Kilalinda We got concerned and increased our patrols in the community side to monitor their movements. Nowadays we see very little of the elephants and so assume that they have gone back to the park. We both had our usual patrols along the Athi River and Mtito River upstream including the adjacent farms owned by non-indigenous landowners but we noticed a low snaring level. We managed to collect a total of 18 snares intended only for small animals

Kilalinda lodge used the Athi River through the trust land to take their visitors to the park, but they didn’t interfere with the hippos since the hippos had migrated to protect their babies from floods caused by the rains. We usually notice their footsteps along the river.

Community Project

We planted a total of 70(seventy) seedlings in the trust land and took the rest to some schools and dispensaries. We also gave some seedlings to the individuals who had assisted us in the planting at the schools. Besides, we noticed that the seedlings were in great demand among he community members because they have realized the dangers associated with deforestation of natural habitat through charcoal burning and /or creation of cropland. In addition, we informed the community members to make their home nurseries to help them replace what they have lost.

This month we managed to organize for a football game, which brought together 3(three) communities i.e.. Ngiluni, Kyusyani and Nthunguni. After the games we talked to the youth about the benefits of conservation of plants and animals.

Reported by,

Peter Wambua.