Peregrine Team Update: 01 October 2002

Peregrine Team Update: 01 October 2002

Area of Operation

Early this month we changed our home base from Kaluku to the trust land. We were busy cleaning the compound as we had settled into a new environment. This month we had patrols along the Athi River and Mtito River upstream and our usual lands of operation owned by non-indigenous landowners.


Peter Wambua Team leader Isack Kalamba


I have of late witnessed a decline in snaring level compared to the last few months. This is I feel because most of the workers have been given proper warnings by their employers. We have managed to collect a total of 38 snares some of which were old, and the new ones had not yet been used.

Community project

We had games in the community, which brought together four communities: Kamunyu, Ngiluni, Kyusyani and Nthunguni. We had also workers from Natas. At last we talked to them on the importance of living with the wild animals. The majority of people gave us their word that they would work alongside us to fight against snaring and report any poaching activities.

We have planted some seedlings at the trust land and James Mbuthia has taken some to schools and dispensaries. The orphans at Kaluku are fine and enjoying the new greens after the rains. Nowadays, they spend some nights out in the bush and come in the morning for their milk.

Reported by Peter Wambua.