Rift Valley Mobile Veterinary Report | April 2024

Published on the 15th of May, 2024

The Lake Naivasha Area and Central Rift Conservation Area in general received heavy rainfall in April 2024. Fourteen (14) cases were attended to by the SWT/KWS Rift Valley Mobile Veterinary Unit.

This included 2 postmortem examinations, one involving an elephant calf that was found to have died from natural causes while the other involved an adult male black rhino that was found to have died from territorial fight wounds. The team also attended to 3 predator cases, the first 2 involved surgical procedures on a captive lioness named Makoma on separate dates while the other involved examining and ear notching a leopard that was captured in a predator free area. 2 Masai giraffe were treated over the reporting period, one giraffe had a severe wound on the forelimb caused by a wooden splint while the other was snared. The team also attended to 3 common zebra poaching cases. Sadly, one of these animals was put to rest to alleviate further pain and suffering given the severity of its injuries. Tragically, 1 adult male waterbuck was paralyzed in a territorial fight was also euthanized. In a separate case, another adult male waterbuck was relocated to Hell’s Gate National Park after it knocked down a worker at Sopa Lodge. The veterinary team also performed a rapid assessment for the possible translocation of 2 hippopotami residing in Malewa dam after KWS received reports that the animals were raiding crops in the area. Lastly, the veterinary team assessed the performance and suitability for service of 4 KWS security dogs.

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