Rift Valley Mobile Veterinary Unit Report for August 2021

Published on the 15th of September, 2021

Many parts of Lake Naivasha and the Central Rift Conservation Area have received sporadic showers during August. The region is experiencing good pasture and browse is abundant.

The Unit performed routine security patrols and general clinical work including translocation of an oryx, health assessment of giraffes in Soysambu Congreve farm and Kilimandege sanctuary and the removal of snares from 12 animals amongst other cases. To attend these cases, the Unit visited Marula Estates, WRTI, Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary, Soysambu ranch, Kedong ranch, Hippo point, Kongoni Game Valley, KALRO, Malu Ltd, Kenya Nut - Olmurongi, Mahimahiu road, Aquilla farm among other areas.