Alamaya's Latest Photos

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Quanza and Alamaya browsing together

Murera and Alamaya headed out to browse

Alamaya and Zongoloni coming down the hill

Alamaya flapping his ears

Zongoloni greeting Alamaya at the waterhole

Alamaya and Quanza enjoying a pushing game

Alamaya going into the water for his mud bath

Zongoloni looking out for Alamaya and her other friends

Alamaya with Murera

Alamaya drinking fresh water

Alamaya climbing on Ziwa

Quanza with Alamaya

Alamaya enjoying his milk bottle

Alamaya brushing his cheek

Alamaya drinking fresh water

Alamaya playing with Mwashoti


Alamaya scratching

Alamaya leading the herd

Alamaya taking a break from the heat

Alamaya scratching belly

Alamaya at the water spring in the morning

Alamaya looking for his friends

Alamaya cooling off in the mud

Alamaya scratching

Alamaya covered in mud

Alamaya playing in the bushes

Alamaya in the shade

Alamaya playing with Sonje

Alamaya walking and eating

Alamaya in the forest


Alamaya holding his milk bottle

Mwashoti playing with Alamaya

Alamaya leading Lima Lima

Murera with Alamaya

Alamaya charging

Alamaya browsing

Alamaya shaking his head

Murera and Alamaya

Alamaya holding his milk bottle

Alamaya scratching his belly

Alamaya smelling buffaloes

Alamaya enjoying a dusbath

Alamaya after mudbath

Jasiri and Alamaya

Alamaya playing with Lima Lima

Alamaya with Murera

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