Ambo's Latest Photos

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Ambo running for 9am milk bottle

Ambo with Kuishi after 9am feed

Ambo in the forest

Ambo drinking his milk

Tagwa and Ambo at the mud-bath

Ambo joining his friends for browsing

Ambo chewing on the hose

Ambo sniffing Mapia's mouth

Ambo and Enkesha enjoy wallowing

Ambo plucking grass

Ambo with his Keeper

Ambo wallowing

Ambo Sagala and Tamiyoi browse




Tagwa, Ambo, Mapia and Enkesha


Ambo in front with Dololo





Ambo looking to wrestle with someone

Ambo browsing quietly

Ambo plucking leaves off the top of a bush

Ambo catching a wild scent

Ambo running away after Keepers reprimanded him

Ambo leaving the mud-bath area

Ambo playing with Jotto

Sagala and Ambo

Ambo and Jotto

Ambo and Emoli after their tussle over a branch

Ambo and his Keeper

Ambo after the 9am milk feed

Ambo in the forest.

Ambo and Emoli browsing

Ambo follows Kiasa and Ndiwa to mud-bath

Ambo with friends

Ambo coming out of the forest

Ambo with mouthful of grass

Ambo browsing in the forest

Ambo using his trunk to communicate with a friend

Ambo swinging his trunk

Ambo browsing with his friends

Ambo after the Keepers led him back to browse

Ambo in a playful mood

Sattao browsing with Ambo

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