Orphans, Loved and Lost

Every orphan we rescue becomes a part of our family.

In their hour of greatest need, we provide a place of love and hope for fragile orphaned elephants but not everyone makes it through the critical recovery period.

Witnessing the loss of their mother and herd can leave orphaned infant elephants severely traumatised and many arrive in our care with considerable psychological scars and physical injuries. Battling shock and grief for their lost loved ones, during this precarious period their survival hangs in the balance and not all calves make it through. Others have succumbed to underlying health issues despite the very best in veterinary care. Here, we remember those we have loved and lost.

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Name Gender Date born Age on arrival Comments Reason for being orphaned Date of passing
Tano Female Tuesday, 5 May 2009 2 months Found on her own at Poaching Saturday, 11 May 2013
Wasin Female Saturday, 9 October 2010 1 week She was rescued by Samburu elders from the mud of a shallow well Stuck in mud Saturday, 8 January 2011
Ziwani Female Saturday, 15 March 2008 10 months Human-Wildlife Conflict Tuesday, 10 February 2009