Bada's latest photos

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Bada wanting to greet the wild bulls

Bada looking for a browsing spot

Rorogoi and Bada splashing water

Bada and Nelion browsing

Rorogoi and Bada engaging

Bada solo bathing

Bada takes centre stage at bathtime

Bada playing in the water

Naipoki pushing Bada to move uphill

Bada and Rorogoi

Bada in the water

Bada browsing

Bada right and Ndotto

Bada playing with Tundani

Bada relaxing blocking the path

Bada after charging the buffalo

Bada coming downhill

Mudanda pushing Bada

Bada busy browsing

Bada scratching

Bada front leading the orphans

Rorogoi left and Bada

Bada and Rorogoi strength testing


Bada running to catch up

Rorogoi, left, Tahri and Bada

Bada briefly playing with Ndotto

Kenia and Bada with wild elephant

Bada beside the waterhole

Bada and Mashiriki playing

Jealous Bada takes Tahri by the tail!

Godoma ignoring Bada trying to play with her

Bada browsing

Rorogoi and Bada games come to premature end

Bada and Kihari browsing

Godoma scratching with Bada on the right

Tundani decides to engage Bada head on

Bada and Tundani strength games

Bada and Nelion browsing together

Bada in a playful mood

Bada in rolling in the dust

Tundani chasing Bada to bite his tail

Tundani running to Bada to stop the trumpeting

Bada playing at the mud-bath

Bada finds some luscious grass to browse on

Bada browsing on the hill

Bada browsing uphill

Bada taking a break from browsing

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