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Wild bull with Challa

Challa after a dust bath

Challa wallowing


Challa and Mutara

Challa with the orphans

Kilaguni and Challa sparring

Challa and Kibo sparring

Challa and Zurura playing

Chemi Chemi and Challa

Challa comes to join the orphans

Challa at the mud bath

Challa with the orphans

Challa riding on Zurura in the wallow

Challa comes to visit

Challa playing with Namalok

Challa comes to visit.




Challa enjoying lucerne



Challa & Zurura playing in the water

Challa with the orphans

Challa visiting

Challa visiting

Namalok greeting Challa

Challa and Wendi

Rapsu, Challa and Kenze at the water trough

Challa plays with a wild bull

Challa and Laragai

Ex Orphan Challa

Garzi speaking with Challa

Challa with the orphans at mud bath

Challa at mud bath with the orphans

Challa escorting the orphans to the stockades

Challa, left, two wild bulls and Rapsu

Lualeni and Challa

Barsilinga sniffs at Challa


Challa and Napasha wallowing

Madiba, little Orwa and Challa


Challa with the juniors

Challa relaxing on the loose soil

Challa playing with wild boy

Challa, Napasha and Buchuma play games

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