Dida's Archival Photos

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Lesanju keeps an eye on Dida at the mudbath

Dida left Kenia and Lempaute

Dida left and Lempaute browsing together

Dida browsing on Mazinga hill

Kenia right playing with Dida

Dida browsing with Lesanju and the others

Dida after a mudbath

Kenia following Dida

Dida front, Wasessa and Emsaya

Dida lying down

Dida still now feeling well

Dida going for a mudbatah

Lesanju with Dida

Lesanju and Sinya with Dida

Lesanju and Dida dustbathing

Dida left with Layoni

Dida browsing

Dida left, Kivuko and Emsaya enjoying a bath

Dida enjoying a scratch

Sinya left and Dida

Dida left, Lesanju, Emsaya & Lempaute

Wasessa with Dida left, and Emsaya

Lesanju and Dida at the mudbath area

Dida in the water

Dida enjoying a mudbath

Dida heads for a dustbath after a mudbath

Dida playing at the mudbath

Lesanju gives Dida a hug

Lempaute left and Dida feeding on Lucerne

Lesanju holding Dida in the mudbath

Dida after a mudbath

Lesanju and Dida browsing on Masinga Hill

Dida browsing on Masinga Hill

Dida at the stockade

Sinya and Dida browsing together

Lesanju, Dida and Lempatue

Sinya left and Dida

Dida milk feeding

Lesanju left, Dida and Lempaute

Lesanju right and Dida

Dida after a mudbath

Kenia lying down & Dida playing


Dida down,Shimba left & Kenia soil bathing

Kenia and Dida playing

Dida browsing


Dida feeding on Lucern

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