Dupotto's Archival Photos

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Dupotto out in the field

Dupotto enjoying the fresh greens

Dupotto looking skinnier

Dupotto out in the field

Dupotto when she was feeling okay


Dupotto and Dololo

Dupotto having her milk

Dupotto and Enkesha

Kiombo, Dupotto and Tamiyoi

Dupotto with Luggard behind

Dupotto was very quiet today

Dupotto playing quietly

Dupotto sucking her trunk

Dupotto plucking at the grass

Dupotto in the forest

Dupotto after 9am feed


Dupotto and Sapalan enjoying Lucerne

Dupotto and Roi scratching

Dupotto and Tusuja mud bathing

Enkikwe and Dupotto

Dupotto in the truck to go back to Nairobi

Dupotto scratching

Kamok and Dupotto browsing together


Dupotto relaxing

Dupotto and Enkikwe relaxing

Mutara's herd escorting Dupotto

Mundusi, Naseku and Dupotto


Dupotto leading

Dupotto scratching

Galla and Dupotto

Kauro and Dupotto

Dupotto behind bushes

Dupotto playing


Maramoja, Pare, Dupotto coming for milk

Dupotto chatting to Maramoja

Dupotto scratching his bottom

Dupotto relaxing in the shade

Namalok plays with Dupotto

Namalok and Dupotto

Dupotto leading

Roi and Dupotto

Dupotto browsing

Bomani and Dupotto browse together

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