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Dupotto scratching


Dupotto relaxing

Dupotto and Enkikwe relaxing

Mutara's herd escorting Dupotto


Dupotto behind bushes

Dupotto playing

Dupotto chatting to Maramoja

Dupotto scratching his bottom

Dupotto relaxing in the shade

Namalok and Dupotto

Dupotto leading

Roi and Dupotto

Dupotto browsing

Bomani and Dupotto browse together

Dupotto and Namalok

Dupotto feeding with Ukame

Dupotto scratching her bottom

Dupotto and Galla find wet soil to roll in

Dupotto finds a tree to scratch against

Dupotto and Roi taking a break from the heat

Dupotto and Roi

Dupotto followed by Siangiki and Oltaiyoni

Karisa, Wanjala and Dupotto

Dupotto soil dusting

Naseku overtaking Dupotto

Dupotto and Oltaiyoni

Kauro, Karisa and Dupotto

Dupotto scraches her belly

Dupotto wall scratching games

Shukuru scratching on Dupotto

Dupotto with Karissa

Boromoko pushing Dupotto

Galla and Dupotto

Dupotto looking lovely in the bush

Dupotto and Ukame

Dupotto relaxing in her stockade with Benj

Madiba sniffs at Dupotto

Off loading Dupotto

Dupotto playing on the ground

Dupotto offloaded and put in a stockade

Dupotto and Kamok relaxing

Dupotto having her milk

Dupotto safely in her stockade

Dupotto and Kamok scratching their chins

Kelelari, Dupotto and Karisa

Dupotto with Mbegu

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