Edie's latest photos

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Edie, Mweya & Nguvu with the orphan herd

Eco suckling Edie

Eco rubbing on terrace with Edie

Edie's herd at the water trough

Edie's herd

Edie and Mweya with their calves, Eco & Mwitu

Mweya, Mwitu, Eco and Edie

Edie with Eco and Mwetu

Edie chasing Panda away

Edie, Bada and Eco

Edie resting her trunk

Edie Eden and Emma visit

Edie, Eden and Ndara

Eden and her mother Edie

Edie, Eden and Safi

Edie scratching on a rock

Sweet Sally, Safi, Emily and Edie

Icholta left and Edie drinking with the babies

Mweya standing behind Edie

Laikipia coming to show interest with Edie

Emily& Edie herd arriving in the big water hole

Edie feeding onto the dairy cubes with others

Eden & Edie

Eden & Edie

Eden suckling from Edie at the stockade

Ella, Seraah, Mweya, Thoma, Eden and Edie

Edie left and Ella drinking at the stockade

Edie's newborn baby

Emily's herd going to join Edie's group

Edie having a drink

Edie plays a pushing game with Lolokwe

Kihari stays close to Edie

Morani trying to mounth Edie


Edie and wild bull mating

Edie and Emily's calves play at the stockade

Edie with her calf

Edie's calf Ella plays with Seraa


Edie scratching

Edie's calf Ella scratching

Edie playing with Mzima

A keeper greets Edie

Wild boy with Emily and Edie's group

Edie leading the ex orphans

Laikipia stepping on the trough with Edie calf


Emily and Edie's groups join the youngsters

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