Embu's Latest Photos

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Embu dusting up

Embu after mud bath

Embu and Suswa fighting for shade

Embu after mudbath

Embu browsing

Arruba and Embu enjoying their mud-bath

Embu browsing

Embu busy browsing

Ishaq-B playing with Embu


Embu dustbathing

Embu lying down at the edge of the mudbath

Embu after a mudbath

Embu and Mudanda browsing togther

Embu enterin the mudbath

Embu and Panda following a wild bull

Embu browsing in front with Naipoki

Embu scratching on a tree

Embu with a wild elephant bull

Embu stretching to get to greener shoots

Embu takes centre stage in bathing games

Embu at mud-bath

Embu, left, and Suswa in a conversation

Embu moving to catch up with the others

Embu at the front

Embu welcoming Naipoki to a game

Embu soil digging games

Embu browsing

Embu browsing

Embu covered in soil

Embu testing the mudbath water

Embu browsing

Embu in a playful mood

Embu finds a quiet browsing spot

Embu playing in the water

Nguvu trying to push Embu off the dust mound

Embu splashing water

Embu finds a cool pool of water

Embu rolling on the grass after mud bath

Embu coming to the mudbath


Embu browsing

Embu poking the earth pile with her tusks

Embu browsing

Embu looking for a browsing spot

Embu and Lentili lead orphans to browsing

Embu scratching up

Embu sniffing the air

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