Emoli's Latest Photos

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Emoli feasting all alone

Emoli and Sagala are followed to dust bath


Emoli playing with Ngilai on the right

Tagwa, Sagala and Emoli leading

Emoli happily feasting

Murit teaching Emoli

Tagwa, Sagala and Emoli leading

Tagwa on the right, Sagala, Araba and Emoli

Emoli and Ngilai

Emoli enjoying some lucerne

Lasayen pushing Emoli towards the water

Emoli and Sagala feeding on lucerne pellets

Sagala and Emoli being friendly with a wild calf

Emoli scratching up

Lasayen, Sagala, Tagwa and Emoli

Emoli standing in front of a wild elephant herd

Emoli out in the field.

Emoli holding his own bottle and enjoying his bottle with his Keepers nearby.

Emoli indulging in his milk.

Emoli out in the field.

Emoli and Malima playing

Jotto Malima and Emoli playing

Emoli on top of the dust mound

Emoli playing with Malima

Emoli Maisha Malima and Mukkoko on the dust mound

Jotto and Malima with Emoli

Emoli after exiting stockade in the morning

Emoli running to join his friends

Emoli bringing up the tail end

Emoli sucking his trunk

Emoli browsing

Emoli at the front

Emoli, Malima and Kuishi

Emoli, Malima, Sagala and Kuishi


Emoli leading the way



Jotto, Maktao, Maisha and Emoli

Emoli and Dololo

Emoli browsin g with the older orphans

Emoli leading his friends to the forest

Jotto with Emoli and Dololo

Emoli and Dololo heading down to the mud-bath

Emoli flapping his ears

Emoli browsing

Tagwa and Jotto hear Emoli's trumpeting

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