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Emoli and Malima playing

Jotto Malima and Emoli playing

Emoli on top of the dust mound

Emoli playing with Malima

Emoli Maisha Malima and Mukkoko on the dust mound

Jotto and Malima with Emoli

Emoli after exiting stockade in the morning

Emoli running to join his friends

Emoli bringing up the tail end

Emoli sucking his trunk

Emoli browsing

Emoli at the front

Emoli, Malima and Kuishi

Emoli, Malima, Sagala and Kuishi


Emoli leading the way



Emoli browsin g with the older orphans

Emoli leading his friends to the forest

Emoli flapping his ears

Emoli browsing

Emoli with a branch in his mouth

Emoli sniffing Mukkoka's mouth

Emoli eager for the 11am feed

Emoli with his Keeper




Emoli having his 9am bottle

Emoli not wanting to engage Maktao

Emoli looking forward to the mud bath

Emoli browsing happily

Emoli sniffing at the air

Emoli browsing deep in the forest

Emoli getting ready to mock charge

Emoli browsing away from Kiasa

Maisha Emoli Maktao browsing away from Malkia

Emoli enjoys browsing with Maisha

Emoli and Maktao ready to make mischief

Emoli looking for friends to play with

Emoli after early morning feed

Emoli in the lead

Emoli browsing

Emoli watching Kiasa dust herself

Emoli after noon feed

Emoli having a drink

Emoli with Maktao

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