Enkesha's latest photos

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Enkesha scratching her bottom

Quanza and Enkesha stop at the Springs

Enkesha running towards Zongoloni

Enkesha resting her foot

Enkesha scratching her trunk on a rock

Enkesha and Quanza at the water trough

Enkesha amongst the water lilies

Alamaya watching over Enkesha

Enkesha enjoying the mud -bath as well

Enkesha moving branches to make way

Zongoloni with Enkesha dusting

Enkesha flapping her ears

Enkesha and Murera running away from crane birds

Enkesha scratching

Mwashoti and Enkesha playing in the mud

Zongoloni playing with Enkesha

Enkesha scratching her side

Mwashoti grabs Enkesha's trunk

Enkesha leading orphans home

Enkesha browsing

Enkesha splashing with black soil

Enkesha in the mud bath

Enkesha browsing in the long grass

Enkesha enjoying some fresh long grass

Lima Lima browsing with Enkesha

Lugagrd and Enkesha browsing together

Enkesha browsing in peace

Murera, Enkesha and the orphans mud bathing

Enkesha leading the orphans

Murera browsing with Luggard and Enkesha

Enkesha leading the way

Enkesha all happy after her milk with the others

Enkesha scratching her cheek against a tree

Enkesha selecting soft leaves from the acacia

Enkesha after the rain

Mwashoti and Enkesha hugging

Mwashoti and Enkesha browsing

Enkesha and Quanza having fun on the road

Enkesha leading the orphans home

Lima Lima gives Enkesha some grass

Enkesha moving along the Umani Hills

Mwashoti playing with Enkesha

Enkesha and Lima Lima peeling acacia bark

Lima Lima and Enkesha stop to splash some mud

Enkesha leading orphans to 11am milk feed

Sonje staying close to Enkesha

Enkesha reaches for leaves on a fallen tree

Mwashoti and Enkesha pushing games

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