Esoit's latest photos

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Olorien and Esoit at the mud bath

Playful Olorien and Esoit

Sweet Esoit playing with his trunk

Esoit coming to steal greens from Ziwadi

Bondeni and Esoit in the forest

Esoit playing with the water trough

Esoit walking over to Larro

Esoit, Rama, and Olorien browsing

Esoit and Roho in the forest

Esoit and Kinyei in the forest

Esoit playing with a twig

Esoit with gentle Rama

Esoit and Bondeni out in the forest

Esoit and Olorien being playful

Esoit, Roho, and Kinyei playing

Roho trying to entice Esoit

Esoit browsing

Naleku and Esoit climbing on Naboishu

Esoit, Roho, Larro and Mukkoka dust bathing

Roho climbing on Esoit near Kinyei

Esoit running off, ears flared

Esoit and Olorien spending time together

Sweet Esoit

Esoit resting on Naboishu

Esoit, Kinyei and Kindani browsing

Kinyei and Esoit playing with the tube

Esoit and Larro browsing together

Esoit climbing on Naboishu's back

Mukkoka resting his trunk on Esoit

Esoit leading Rama and the others

Sweet Esoit waving his trunk

Esoit, Naleku and Roho browsing together

Naleku, Rama and Esoit browsing together.

Esoit playfully hiding behind Mukkoka's ear

A portrait of Esoit

Esoit grabbing a branch

Rama reaching to Esoit

Esoit and Mukkoka sharing a trunk hug

Esoit and Kinyei being playful at the mud bath

Esoit sitting on Roho

Shukuru with Bondeni and Esoit

Esoit browsing

Esoit cutely waving his trunk

Kindani with Esoit and Bondeni

Rama reaching his trunk to Esoit

Kinyei and Esoit at the dust mound

Esoit and Kinyei browsing

Esoit playing with Roho lying down

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