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Sunyei, Madiba and Galana

Ndomot, Galana and Sunyei soil bathing

Ndomot and Galana wallowing

Kora with Galana the day before she left

Madiba, Ndomot and Galana standing together

Napasha tries to mount Galana

Ndomot, Galana, Sunyei & Madiba enjoying mudbath

Sunyei shares her branch with Galana

Galana walks together with Mulika

Galana and Naserian with Lualeni in the middle

Galana browsing while out in the bush

Galana out in the bush

Galana having fun in the river

Galana sits with Nalitu

Galana and Nalitu

Nalitu suckling Galana

Naserian, Sunyei & Galana with Lualnei & Nalitu

Galana leads the group

Galana with Nalitu in the background

Nalitu's love of Galana grows

Galana and Nalitu

Nalitu suckling Galana


Galana September 2004

Galana and friends

Galana arrives

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