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Galla and Rapa facing off


Galla and Jotto relaxing

Galla and Jotto sparring


Malima playing with Galla

Lemoyian and Galla wrestling

Galla browsing

Jotto and Galla sparring


Nabulu and Galla

Galla enjoying Luceren

Galla greeting Sana Sana


Olsekki and Galla

Galla dust bathing

Galla dust bathing

Galla & Enkikwe

Ndiwa and Galla

Galla scratching

Galla following Ndiwa

Galla riding on Mapia


Sapalan and Galla sparring

Galla scratching

Galla and Sapalan

Galla riding on Mapia

Tusuja and Galla playing

Galla soil dusting

Galla and Ndiwa

Galla riding on Mapia

Kauro, Tusuja and Galla

Galla dust bathing

Mapia sparring with Galla

Galla and Pare

Galla and Enkikwe sparring

Galla wallowing

Galla challenging Mapia

Galla and Roi snuggling

Tusuja, Namalok and Galla browsing

Roi trying to steal some of Galla's milk

Tusuja playing with Galla

Enkikwe taking food from Galla's mouth

Sapalan and Rapa against Galla

Lemoyian playing with Galla

Dololo playing with Galla

Enkikwe and Galla sparring

Mapia playing iwth Galla

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