Archival pictures of Godoma

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Godoma near Lasayen

Godoma browsing

Godoma on her own

Godoma having milk

Godoma greeting a keeper

Godoma playing with a blanket


Godoma at the mudbath

Godoma following the others

Godoma out in the bush with the other orphans

All the orphans want to greet Godoma

Climbing over a tree branch

Surrounded by the Nursery herd on her first day out

Sweet Godoma

Godoma next to Lasayen

Godoma followed by Sokotei

Godoma on her first day out

Godoma greeted by Balguda

In the stockade

In the forest

Godoma in the forest with the others

The calf is captured

Preparing the calf for transport to the airstrip

The orphaned calf

Capturing the calf

The orphaned calf is given some milk

The calf is called Godoma

In the stable after arrival

In the pickup at Wilson

Being offloaded at Wilson

On a drip on the way back

The calf loaded in the plane

Loading the calf into the rescue plane

Carrying the calf to the plane

The young calf given some loving attention

The calf is strapped for the flight to Nairobi

Strapping the calf

The calf in the back of the pickup

A keeper looking at the calf's injuries

The keepers quickly greet each other

The rescue plane and Nursery keepers arrive

The Voi keepers waiting at the airstrip

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