Icholta's latest photos

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Icholta with her babies

Icholta, Inca, Thor and Thoma arrive at the stockades

Icholta leading stockade orphans to browse

Icholta arriving at the stockade

Stockade dependent orphans follow Icholta

Icholta scratching her bottom

Icholta resting her leg

Inca with her mum Icholta

Icholta with Inca

Icholta and Inca coming to the stocakde

Icholta and Inca inspecting the new construction

Inca and Icholta at the stockades

Icholta nursing Inca

Inca running to Icholta

Icholta and Inca

Inca suckling Icholta

Icholta and Inca

Icholta and Inca

Icholta and Inca

Icholta with Inca and Emma behind

Inca going to suckle from Icholta

Icholta looking tired because of he pregnancy

Inca suckling from Icholta

Inca with Icholta, Thoma and Irima

Icholta left and Edie drinking with the babies

Inca with Icholta in the bush

Icholta in the stkd

Icholta lft & Mweya in the stkd

Icholta scratching on a rock

Icholta enjoying copra cake at the stockade

Mweya and Icholta join the youngters

Icholta blocking Kivuko and Ishaq B

Icholta enjoying the mudbath

Lolokwe and Icholta wrestling

Icholta at the stockade

Icholta moving away

Icholta left with Thoma engaging Mzima

Icholta looking for the little ones


Icholta with the youngsters

Laikipia left, Icholta and Lolokwe

Icholta and Lolokwe strength testing

Icholta joins the youngsters for browsing

Icholta with the little ones

Icholta at the mudbath

Icholta playing with Lempaute

Icholta showing off

Lolokwe mounts Icholta

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