Irima's latest photos

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Morani, Irima and Mweya standing asleep

Inca with Icholta, Thoma and Irima


Irima coming to visit

Irima enjoying the supplements

Irima at the stockade

Irima at the stockade watering hole

Irima and Mzima touch trunks

Irima makes an appearance at the stockade!

Irima drinks at the stockade

Icholta, Ndara, Irima & Seraa

Irima and Kenia in the bush

Eve left and Irima at the stockade

Irima coming to the stockade

Eve left, Sweet Sally and Irima playing

Irima at the stockade



Irima drinking with the youngsters


Irima limping to the stockades

Irima's swollen leg

Icholta left and Irima



Wild elephants at Irima

Irima & Vita soil bathing

Thoma & Irima

Irima with Kenia


Wild bull at Irima


Irima left & Solango fight over the supplements

Solango gives in as he is over powered by Irima

Irima near stockade the water hole

The arrow head removed from Irima


Bachelor bulls walking along the road at Irima

Lion feeding on a buffalo at Irima

An Ostrich at Irima

Lioness at Irima


Irima & Sweet Sally

Irima browsing

Irima in the field

Irima feeding

Loisaba and Irima

Wild dogs at Irima

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