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Zongoloni and Jasiri arrive to join the Umani herd

Jasiri and Faraja dusting

Jasiri with a mouthful of grass

Jasiri emerges from the bushes

Jasiri in the Chyulu Hills with his friend

Luggard with Jasiri

Jasiri after dusting

Jasiri and Mwashoti inside the waterhole

Jasiri looking healthy

Jasiri runs away after being startled by a baboon

Jasiri and Sonje spend some time together

Jasiri following his friends

Jasiri dusting

Ngasha and Jasiri at the water trough

Lima Lima and Jasiri chatting

Jasiri dusting

Murera and Jasiri

Jasiri browsing


Jasiri lifts a branch as he walks

Jasiri looking for salt lick

Jasiri browsing

Jasiri on a browsing mission

Jasiri and Faraja

Jasiri strength testing with Alamaya


Jasiri with a mouthful of browse

Jasiri at the dust bath

Jasiri in long grass

Jasiri after a mud bath

Jasiri fighting with Faraja

Jasiri scratching his neck

Sonje and Jasiri

Jasiri touching Alamaya's tail

Jasiri in the bushes

Jasiri scratching

Jasiri in the bushes browsing

Jasiri dusting after a mud bath

Jasiri enjoying green grass

Jasiri in the mud

Zongoloni and Jasiri




Murera scratching as Jasiri walks by

Jasiri, Ziwa, Ngasha, Faraja coming back

Jasiri enjoying fresh greens

Lima Lima and Jasiri playing

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