Jotto's Latest Photos

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Maramoja & Jotto browsing

Jotto playing

Siangiki and Jotto

Jotto kneeling to get grass

Jotto, Kuishi, Sana Sana & Malima eating pellets

Ndiwa, Ambo and Jotto

Jotto and Mapia

Kamok pushing Jotto

Ambo and Jotto sharing a branch

Jotto and Sapalan in the shade

Jotto sucking his trunk

Jotto scratching his eye


Jotto scratching

Jotto and Orwa with a pile of lucerne each

Jotto leading

Jotto mudbathing

Jotto, Ambo and Sapalan relaxing

Ukame, Mundusi and Jotto coming to mudbath

Ambo and Jotto relaxing in the field after their arrival.

Jotto and Ambo following a wild bull.

Jotto and Mapia checking out the trunk of a tree.

Jotto, Ambo and Malkia all huddled in the field.

Jotto enjoying a quiet moment.

Jotto browsing in the field.

Jotto sucking his trunk.

Nabulu, followed by Jotto heading down to the waterhole.

Jotto eagerly arriving to get his milk.

Ziwadi enjoying her milk near Jotto.

Jotto munching on some fresh grass.

Jotto heading down for his midday mud bath.

Sagala Larro Malima and Jotto play on the dust mou

Jotto playing with friends

Jotto Malima and Emoli playing

Sagala Malima and Jotto wrestling with each other

Jotto and Malima with Emoli

Sagala Malima Jotto on the dust mound

Jotto sniffing Sattao's mouth

Jotto running for 9am milk feed

Jotto and Maisha running for their 9am bottle

Jotto with his friends

Jotto running home at 5pm






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