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Sagala Larro Malima and Jotto play on the dust mou

Jotto playing with friends

Sagala Malima and Jotto wrestling with each other

Jotto running for 9am milk feed

Jotto and Maisha running for their 9am bottle

Jotto with his friends

Jotto running home at 5pm






Jotto, Maisha and Tagwa


Jotto, Maktao, Maisha and Emoli


Jotto, Maktao and Maisha

Jotto sucking his trunk after 11am feed

Jotto and Kuishi browse together

Jotto with Emoli and Dololo

Jotto spraying water with his trunk

Jotto pulling out grass from the roots

Jotto ready for pushing games with Sana Sana

Jotto following Maktao and Maisha to browse

Jotto on his way to 9am feed

Jotto getting ready to rub against a tree

Jotto ready to come home at 5pm

Jotto and Ambo

Jotto browsing

Jotto and Kuishi browsing

Jotto at the 9am feed

Jotto sniffing the air

Jotto plucking leaves

Jotto reaching to find some juicy leaves

Jotto sniffing the air

Jotto and Maktao crossing the small river

Jotto dusting

Malima and Jotto walk to the forest

Jotto with a warthog in the background

'Jotto crossing the water with Maktao

Jotto and Ambo getting ready to dust

Jotto, Malima and Tagwa

Jotto enjoying the sunshine

Jotto looking to join his friends

Jotto sliding into the mud

Jotto was in a playful mood

Jotto and Mapia

Jotto messing around at mud bath

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