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Jotto and Sapalan

Ndiwa and Jotto

Karisa and Jotto


Mapia sparring with Jotto

Jotto dust bathing

Jotto scratching

Jotto and Maramoja running for milk

Nabulu, Mutara and Jotto

Jotto and Kibo

Jotto and Pare sparring

Rapa climbing on Jotto

Jotto and Pare playing

Pare riding on Jotto

Sattao sparring with Jotto

Jotto and Mundusi

Mundusi and Jotto sparring

Jotto and Kuishi

Kauro riding on Jotto

Jotto playing


Jotto greets Pare

Jotto browsing

Jotto playing

Ambo sparring with Jotto

Pare climbing on Jotto

Ambo and Jotto

Jotto sparring with Mundusi

Enkikwe playing with Jotto

Mundusi playing with Jotto

Jotto and Rapa sparring

Jotto and Dololo

Ambo and Jotto playing under a tree


Mundusi and Jotto wrestling

Rapa playing with Jotto

Sana Sana separating Jotto and Musiara

Mapia and Jotto being playful

Jotto browsing

Roi , Jotto and Naseku playing

Karisa playing with Jotto

Ndiwa with Jotto

Dololo and Jotto

Jotto and Pare

Jotto scratching

Ndiwa, Kuishi & Jotto

Jotto browsing with Pare

Jotto scratching

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