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Jotto browsing with Pare

Jotto scratching

Tusuja playing with Jotto

Ambo and Jotto drinking

Jotto and Ndiwa scratching

Sapalan and Jotto browsing

Jotto and Pare

Jotto fighting with Rapa

Galla browsing with Jotto

Kainuk and Jotto browsing

Barsilinga, Jotto and Kuishi

Jotto and Rapa morning greetings

Jotto and Esampu sparring

Jotto and Malkia browsing together

Jotto and Ambo soil bathing

Sana Sana greeting Jotto

Jotto and Ambo

Esmapu greets Jotto

Sapalan and Jotto scratching

Jotto playing Mteto

Jotto playing

Jotto browsing near Kuishi

Jotto scratching

Mapia, Malima & Jotto browsing

Jotto browsing

Jotto plays with Esampu

Jotto playing with Kuishi


Maramoja & Jotto browsing

Jotto playing

Siangiki and Jotto

Jotto kneeling to get grass

Jotto, Kuishi, Sana Sana & Malima eating pellets

Ndiwa, Ambo and Jotto

Jotto and Mapia

Kamok pushing Jotto

Ambo and Jotto sharing a branch

Jotto and Sapalan in the shade

Jotto sucking his trunk

Jotto scratching his eye


Jotto scratching

Jotto and Orwa with a pile of lucerne each

Jotto leading

Jotto mudbathing

Jotto, Ambo and Sapalan relaxing

Ukame, Mundusi and Jotto coming to mudbath

Ambo and Jotto relaxing in the field after their arrival.

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