Kamok's latest photos

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Kamok browsing

Kamok feeding

Kamok and Sapalan browsing


Kamok playing

Kamok dustbathing

Kamok enjoying Lucerne

Pare playing with Kamok


Kamok browsing with Ukame

Kamok and Kauro play fighting

Kamok sniffing at Siku

Orwa and Kamok at the stockades

Kauro playing with Kamok

Kamok leading the orphans to browse

Kamok and Kauro

Sapalan and Kamok

Rapa and Kamok browsing together

Kamok charging at birds

Kauro playing with Kamok

Esampu, Kamok and Sapalan feeding on Lucerne

Kamok with a branch in her mouth

Tusuja plays with Kamok

Kamok browsing

Kamok browsing high

Kamok and Tusuja

Kamok, Wanjala and Sapalan out of mud bath

Kamok and Ukame ready to start their day

Kamok browsing

Kamok engages in a pushing game with Galla

Kamok chatting to Wanjala

Kamok dusting

Kauro and Kamok browsing together

Kamok rubbing against Tusuja

Kamok Tusuja Sapalan quench their thirst

Kamok facing Tusuja and Galla

Ukame and Kamok

Kamok enjoying a mud bath

Kamok in the shade

Kamok leading

Kamok and Kauro feeding

Kamok soil dusting

Kamok soil dusting

Kamok warning Kama

Naseku scratching on Kamok

Kamok relaxing

Orwa talking to Kamok

Kamok, Namalok and Karisa

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