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Karisa still doesn't like the lorry

Karisa not wanting to go in the lorry

Karisa following his keeper slowly!

Karisa greets Kauro

Kamok, Karisa and Kelelari

Karisa in a playful mood

Karisa standing in the stockade area

Karisa and Galla marched after the baboons

Karisa going to play with Pare

Karisa did not want to see the babies as much

Karisa behind Wanjala

Karisa was frightened by some buffalos


Karisa, Maramoja and Wanjala

Karisa playing with Esampu

Karisa playing around

Karisa browsing with the main herd today

Karisa, Pare and Maramoja

Mbegu, Karisa and Lasayen

Ukame with Karisa

Rapa was teasing Karisa today

Karisa browsing nicely

Karisa enjoying some nice browse

Karisa is good friends with Ukame and Malima

Karisa enjoying browse with the others

Karisa loves being out in the forest

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