Kauro's latest photos

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Neshashi and Kauro

Kauro and Roi

Rapa and Kauro sleeping

Kauro and Larro having lucerne


Kauro & Ambo being affectionate to one another

Kauro drinking rain water

Kauro browsing

Kamok, Malkia, Pare & Kauro in the water

Kauro holding a stick

Sattao and Kauro browsing

Kamok and Kauro browsing


Mteto and Kauro

Kauro browsing

Kauro and Jotto browsing

Kauro riding on Mundusi

Kauro browsing in the bush

Kauro and Ndiwa pushing games

Kauro catching a wild scent

Kauro sniffing Esampu's mouth

Kauro browsing

Jotto and Kauro sparring

Kauro and Jotto sparring

Mundusi and Kauro sparring

Kauro riding on Jotto

Kauro playing with Mundusi


Kauro playing with Pare


Kauro ridding on Mteto

Naboishu, Enkikwe and Kauro browsing

Kauro and Kamok

Kauro peeling bark

Kauro and Kamok


Kauro playing

Kuishi sparring with Kauro

Kauro and Mundusi


Kauro sparring with Mundusi

Kauro enjoying Lucerne

Kauro carrying a bal of Lucerne

Esampu with Kauro

Kauro eathing Lucerne

Kauro, Kamok and Enkikwe

Kauro enjoying Lucerne

Kauro rides on Karisa

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