Kenderi's latest photos

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Kenderi at the dust bath

Itinyi and Kenderi sparring


Kenderi and Itinyi sparring

Lovely Kenderi


Itinyi and Kenderi

Kenderi in a charging mood

Kenderi and Itinyi sparring


Kenderi browsing

Kenderi browsing

Kenderi sparring with Itinyi


Epiya left and Kenderi browsing

Kenderi and Mbegu

Ndotto and Kenderi

Kenderi in the long bushes browsing

Kenderi scratching

Kenderi at the mudbath

Kenderi browsing

Ngilai browsing with Kenderi

Kenderi browsing

Heavily pregnant Mudanda with Kenderi behind

Kenderi walking up the hill

Tamiyoi front, Kenderi centre and Emoli back

Itinyi and Kenderi playing

Kenderi and Lasayen browsing on Msinga Hill

Akina and Kenderi


Murit and Kenderi


Kenderi and Lasayen having lucerne


Emoli and Kenderi infront browsing

Lasayen, Kenderi, Thamana and Ashanti

Godoma and Kenderi


Kenderi left, Sagala, Thamana, & Lemeki

Sagala, Kenderi and Lasayen

Edie, Kenderi and Embu

Sagala near Kenderi at the mud bath

Kenderi and Ashanti


Kenderi and Akina out with the others

Kenderi left and Tamiyoi

Kenderi out in the park

Kenderi, Akina and Lasayen

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