Sadly Kili passed away on December 12th, 2014. He shall forever remain in our hearts

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Kili's Story

On the 19th August at the Nairobi Nursery we received a tiny orphaned giraffe rescued by KWS veterinary Officer Dr. Njoroge who heads the DSWT funded Amboseli mobile veterinary unit.

Kili's Story

We have called him Kili. Feeding Kili is a very different experience for our Keepers, as despite him being just days old they still need to clamber high up on the stockade partitions in order to get the bottle at the appropriate angle so that it feels natural for him, and a special mobile feeding ladder is having to be made! Kili does have issues with his front knees, stretched tendons make these appear double jointed but we are hopeful that this will correct in time.

Kili has been with us for two months now and has settled beautifully into Nursery life. He adores his stable, and enjoys his days out in the forest with his Keepers. He is already exposed to the wild giraffes of Nairobi National Park, watching them only from a distance at this early stage.

Recently we have had a number of tiny new elephant arrivals which he has found fasinating, infact he now shares a stable next door to Kazakini so is fast getting use to all things elephant. Kili is becoming increasingly playful and watching him charge around, legs flailing everywhere and evidently truely happy is heartwarming indeed. We are mindful that he will fast outgrow the stable he loves so much so we are having to get creative in order to address this problem in good time!

Date of Passing

12 December 2014



Rescued date

20 August 2014

Rescue Location


Date of Birth (approximate)

13 August 2014

Reason Orphaned


Age at Rescue

1 week old (approx)

Passed away

12 December 2014

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Kili's Archival Photos

Kili in a stockade

Sweet Kili

Kili in the stockade following the attack

Kili with some of the orphans and keepers


Kili growing

Kili gamboling along

Kili out and about with pea and pod