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Kindani and Bondeni snug in their blankets

Rama with Kinyei, Kindani and Bondeni

Maktao, Kindani, Bondeni and Kinyei

Bondeni, Kinyei and Kindani

Kinyei, Bondeni, and Kindani having a drink

Kindani, Kinyei, Olorien and Maisha

Kindani and Larro resting near each other

Kindani and Naleku in the forest

Kindani and Olorien browsing together

Kindani, Rama and Kinyei browsing

Bondeni, Kinyei, and Kindani napping

Ziwadi, Olorien, Kindani, Bondeni and Kinyei

Kindani, Bondeni and Larro in the forest

Bondeni and Kindani browsing together

Kindani, Naleku, Kiasa and Maktao browsing

Maisha, Kindani, Bondeni and Larro

Ziwadi, Kinyei, Kindani browsing together

Kiasa, Kindani, Bondeni, Maisha and Larro browsing

Ziwadi and Kindani snuggling

Ziwadi, Maisha, Kindani and Bondeni browsing

Kindani and Rama out in the forest

Kinyei and Kindani having fun a the mud bath

Olorien and Kindani at the water trough

Bondeni, Kinyei and Kindani playing

Kindani comforting Bondeni

Ziwadi and Kindani browsing together

Kindani with Naleku smelling the air

Kindani resting on a dust mound

Ziwadi and Kindani in the forest

Bondeni and Kindani in the field

Naleku, Kindani and Olorien drinking water

Kindani enjoying a scratch

Kindani playfully throwing dust around

Kindani resting her trunk on a stump

Kindani scratching her eye

Kindani and Bondeni playful in their blankets

Kindani watching over Bondeni

Bondeni and Kindani enjoying a mud bath

Bondeni, Kindani, Kinyei and Olorien browsing

Kindani, Naleku and Larro browsing together

Kindani triumphant over the water trough

Mukkoka, Kindani, Kinyei and Bondeni

Larro with Olorien and Kindani

Kinyei, Kindani and Bondeni


Kindani and Bondeni


Kindani and Bondeni

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