Kinyei's latest photos

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Kinyei browsing with Nabulu and Kiombo

Kinyei and Olorien out in the Park

Kiasa watching over Kinyei

Kinyei and Olorien enjoying a trunk hug

Kinyei peacefully eating grass

Larro looking after Kinyei and the others

Kinyei being playful at the mud bath

Bondeni, Kindani, Kinyei and Olorien browsing

Bondeni, Larro and Kinyei dust bathing

Little Kinyei in the forest

Shy Kinyei with Maisha

Olorien cuddling up to Kinyei

Mukkoka, Kindani, Kinyei and Bondeni

Kinyei scratching her eye

Kinyei, Kindani and Bondeni

Maisha checking on Bondeni, Kindani and Kinyei

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