Kivuko's latest photos

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Dabassa and Kivuko scratching

Kivuko left and Mbirikani

Kivuko browsing next to the impalas

Icholta blocking Kivuko and Ishaq B

Emma greeting Kivuko and Ishaq B

Rombo shoving Kivuko and disrupting her dusting

Layoni right picking a branch to tickle Kivuko

Kivuko in the water

Kivuko, Dabassa and Rombo enjoying the water hole


Layoni coming out leaving Kivuko in the water

Kivuko running for a noon bottle of milk

Rombo in the water with Kivuko

Mzima, Kivuko and Layoni leave the cold water

Kivuko and Bada rock scratching

Kivuko sits on Lempaute

Layoni and Kivuko in a water game

Kivuko enjoying the water

Mbirikani left and Kivuko

Mbirikani playing with Kivuko

Kivuko bathing with the others

Bada with Kivuko

Kivuko & Rombo playing in the mud together

Kivuko playing

Dabassa watching Kivuko mount a wild elephant

Kivuko playing in the mud

Kivuko loving the mud hole

Kivuko throwing his trunk up in the trunk

Rombo & Kivuko caring for sorka

Kivuko playing with a wild elephant

Kivuko's attempt to steal the calf

Kivuko having a lovely time in the mud

Kivuko & Rombo wrestling in the mud

Kivuko playing in the mud

Kivuko looking after Mudanda

Kivuko playing in a trench

Kivuko enjoying a scratch

Kivuko browsing

Kivuko embracing little Mudanda

Kivuko playing in a trench

Kivuko and Dabassa playing in the mud

Kivuko playing in the water

Kivuko and Dabasa playing

Kivuko on the lead

Kivuko pushing of Rombo

Ndii and Kivuko in the mud bath

Kivuko scratching

Kivuko enjoying the mudbath

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