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Lesanju leading her group away from Emily

Lesanju in the browsing fields

Lesanju with Bada

Lesanju and others browsing

Lesanju and others on the hill


Lesanju marching to the water hole

Thoma giving Lesanju a bump on the bottom

Wasessa and Lesanju enjoy a dust bath

Lesanju out in the browsing fields

Lesanju and Lempaute browsing

Lesanju and Mzima at the water hole

Lesanju taking Panda off to browse

Lesanju & Mudanda in the small pool

Lesanju leading the orphans

Mudanda enjoying a bathe with Lesanju and Lempute

Lesanju & the others drinking water

Lesanju enjoying her water

Lesanju after taking Mudanda

Lesanju caring for Mudanda

Lesanju playing

Lesanju rolling in the mud

Wasessa sitting on Lesanju

Lesanju mothering Wasessa

Lesanju taking the lead

Lesanju running in to keep all the orphans calm


Lesanju, Wasesa, Lempaute & Sinya vie for Mudanda



Lesanju surrounded by greenery

Lesanju and Ishaq-B browsing near each other

Lesanju at the mudbath with the rest

Lesanju leading the others away

Rombo and Lesanju playing in the mudbath

Lesanju trying to get her group to follow her

Lesanju leads the others to eat Copra Cake

Lesanju leads the others into the wallow

Lesanju and group race to eat Copra

Lesanju is the leader

Lesanju and Kihari dustbathing

Lempaute with Dabassa and Lesanju

Lesanju the leader

Lesanju taking the group to browse

Lesanju takes control of the group

Lesanju and others have a drink

Lesanju and Mudanda

Lesanju heads out early to avoid the ex orphans

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