Lissa's latest photos

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Mudanda playing with Lissa's calf

Panda, left, & Kihari moving towards Lissa's calf

Ndii wrestling with Lissa's calf

Lissa joins the stockade dependent babies

Lissa with her new calf

Lissa brings her calf to meet hte babies

Lissa and Leo

Lissa and her family at the watertrough

Lugard suckling Lissa

Lissa left and Lugard at the stockade

Lali, Lissa's 2nd calf, drinking at the stockade

A wild bull following Lissa's group

Orphans with Lissa & another wild group

The orphans meet up with Lissa's group

Orphans at the mudbath with Lissa's group

Shira moves off with Lissa's goup

Lissa and her last born calf Lugard

Lissa & her calves drinking water at the stockade

Lissa's oldest calf at the stockades

Lissa with her youngest calf

Lissa's youngest calf scratching against a tree

Lissa & Mpenzi with part of their group

Lissa and Mpenzi with their group

Lissa and her calves have a drink at the stockade

Lissa and two of her calves at the Voi stockade

Two of Lissa's calves

Lissa and two of her calves have a drink

Lissa and her group

Lissa & 2 of her calves at the stockade at night

Lissa's group at the stockade

Lissa now a beautiful wild elephant with 3 calves

Lissa and some of her wild group

Lissa and two of her calves at the stockade

Lissa, her two calves, & Serena in the background

Lissa & her two calves drinking at the stockade

Lissa's group at the stockade

Lissa & her calves drinking at the stkd (2)

Lissa & her calf Lugard leaving the stkd

Lissa with, Lara, Lali, & Lugard her latest born

Lissa joins the orphans

Lissa and Lara at the stockade

Lissa joins the orphans who surround Lara

Lissa and her kids on Masinga hill

Lissa & her children join orphans

Lissa's group approaching to join the orphans

Lissa, Lali & Lara having a drink at the stockade

Lali suckling Lissa, Lara stands behind them

Lissa's, Mpenzi & the calves visit the stockades

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