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Kindani sparring with Lodo


Lodo playing

Lodo and Roho having a drink

Lodo sparring with Roho

Lodo cooling off

Lodo browsing

Lodo and Mukkoka

Mukkoka and Lodo browsing

Roho and Lodo sparring

Lodo and Roho

Kindani and Lodo enjoying Lucerne

Lodo and Olorien browsing


Lodo in a playful mood

Lodo in the water

Lodo leading

Lodo and Olorien leading

Rapa playing with Lodo

Mukkoka and Lodo

Esoit and Lodo

Lodo and Bondeni soil dusting

Olorien and Lodo

Roho and Lodo

Suguroi and Lodo


Lodo and Dololo

Lodo scratching

Lodo leading everyone home

Lodo and Kinyei

Lodo and Bondeni playing

Dololo and Lodo playing in the morning

Mukkoka, Lodo, and Bondeni playing

Lodo and Kindani browsing

Lodo rushing in for his milk

Lodo and Roho wrestling

Lodo after a mud bath

Lodo and Esoit stuck in the mud


Ambo, Jotto, Kuishi, Ndololo escort Lodo & Esoit


Lodo scratching his bottom

Lodo and Sagateisa exiting the mud-bath

Kinyei and Lodo enjoying lucerne

Kinyei Suguroi Lodo

Mukkoka and Lodo

Lodo browsing up in the hills

Lodo kicking up roots with his foot

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