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Sana Sana greeting Lulu who is standing near her mum Lualeni.

Lualeni and her group coming for water

Lualeni, baby Lulu and Malkia

Lualeni and her baby Lulu

Lualeni and her baby Lulu dusting

Lualeni and Lulu at the entrance

Lualeni's herd with baby Lulu

Lualeni and Lulu

Lualeni and Lulu

Lualeni and Lulu at the stockade

Lualeni Lulu and Chyulu

Lualeni with her new born baby

Lualeni enjoying bathing


Lualeni wondering why Enkikwe stayed behind

Naseku and Lualeni

Lualeni with the dependent orphans

Lualeni coming to join the orphans

Lualeni, Galana and Gawa

Lualeni and Kenze eating lucerne

Lualeni, baby Gawa and Kenze

Lualeni with the orphans

Lualeni and Naserian

Sidai, Wiva, Gawa and Lualeni

Siangiki, Lualeni and Chaimu

Wiva, Laragai and Lualeni

Lualeni walking straight into the stockades

Orphans feeding with Lualeni

Lualeni and Sidai with the new arrivals

Lualeni scratching on a rock

Lualeni, right, with the orphans

Lualeni eating lucerne

Lualeni and Challa

Lualeni tries to steal milk

Lualeni enjoying a dust bath with the babies

Lualeni with the juniors

Lualeni and Orok with the juniors

Lualeni and her herd

Ololoo and Lualeni

Lualeni coming to join in

Lualeni's group

Kenze mounts Lualeni

Lualeni appeared tired

Lualeni and Ololoo

Tomboi playing with Lualeni

Ololoo and Lualeni playing in the soil

Lualeni with juniors

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